Saturday, 21 January 2012

Preparation or death

Today I was struck by the fact that I need to prepare more.

I plan events for my youth, for example tonight I am throwing a big Iron chef competition event between my Jr and Sr highs. Its going to be a sweet event and I know the kids will like it. I have been putting everything together and will have everything done in time. So what preparation do I need to do? and isn't death a little extreme?

I was convicted by God that I need to be doing more to prepare my heart and mind. I prepare these huge fun events and talks, but how much am I preparing myself. How ready is MY heart to hear from what I teach, to learn from my students.

So where does death play into all of this? Easy. My students will die a spiritual death. I have many students who aren't christians and if I'm not in the right place and with the right heart they will know. They know when I'm learning and doing and living out my faith.

So I pray this,

Thank you for loving me and giving me your perfect grace. Thank you for placing me in a position of ministry. Thank you for pouring out your blessings into my life. I pray that I can focus on you, so easy is it to be distracted and easily lose sight of you. But I want to live my life for you and run towards your arms at all times.
Thank you for being you and creating me and everything around me today.

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