Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Factory

I keep thinking about a place I call 'The Factory'. I call it this because it will be a place where we make people like Christ. We don't force it on them, but the place will be so full of Christ's love, passion, scriptures that students will be inspired to know Him and follow Him.

The Factory is a place where students can come to hang out when they are feeling down, a place when they need to recharge, a place they can come when they have questions. The Factory will be a place churches of the community can use to have events. A place where multiple churches can get together and do some work for the kingdom cooperating and showing people churches can and will work together.

The Factory is a place where God's spirit can come and will dwell in. So that all people who enter will have no choice but to see God.

The Factory is a place for the sick and hurting in Spirit to be made new. The Factory is a place where the tired can rest and the hungry can get food, and the thirsty a drink.

The Factory is the church.

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