Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Seminary High

Do you ever get a camp or retreat high?

It feels so good, you feel excited about God, excited about your life, excited about your friends! So many people have experienced, some sort of high. And what do we do when we come down from that high. Well we try to figure out how to get high again. It works for everything from our faith experiences to drugs.

Right now I am on a seminary high. I haven't even started yet, but I am applying to go to ACTS Seminary this fall. I will continue doing my full-time ministry, but be taking one class a semester by distance education. It will be a slow process and likely a very painful one at times. So why am I saying I am on a seminary high?

Right now I am pumped for school, I am excited that I get to go learn more about God, His word and how to teach it. I am pumped about the opportunity to grow closer to him, and to learn how to teach others to grow closer to him better.

My job, my passion, my commitment is to teach students how to walk with Christ, and do well along their Journey. The thing is, if we aren't learning more along the way, we can become stagnant. Its really easy to pour everything out but not put anything back in. I am looking to seminary as a place to pour into my life. I know that taking some classes won't be easy, some will be downright difficult and I will probably question my motives for going back to class. But, if I persevere I know God will reward me by filling me up and taking me further along my journey towards him.

As pastors I hope we take a break, for some of us we don't have the opportunity to go back to school, but we can take a course, go to an awesome conference. (Maybe next year you can hit up the National youth workers conference, or the Simply youth ministry conference.) If that's still too steep don't be afraid to read the blogs of others.

Just remember if you pour everything out, you might find yourself being empty. Take some time and fill yourself up.

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