Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Cheering Section

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If you have ever been to a game where there is a cheering section, you know where the fun is going to be. Our local soccer team The Whitecaps have a huge section of the stadium for people to cheer. There are drums, vuvuzelas, whistles and screaming fans. Its a ton of fun (even though sometimes its better to be on the other side.

Today I preached in our adult service and it reminded me of the importance of encouragement. I got up preached for about 30 minutes and then when service was over, I stood at the door and said goodbye to everyone. Some people didn't stop, others gave a pat on the back, a few hand shakes a couple of hugs and then boom the three best encouragements I could have received.

#3- Someone came up to me and decided to ask on a personal level how they could manage to purpose the Gospel to some friends in a practical way.

#2- Someone came up and actually shared what they were going to do in real and tangible ways.

#1- An older woman (almost 90) came up to me and said that sometimes she feels discouraged that God is through with her, I was able to encourage her to know that God is never done with anyone. She then proceeded to hug me and tell me; though she never married or had children; she likes to think if she had a son he would have been like me.

After these things I was beaming. I couldn't believe the encouragement that just came to me. I was encouraged know that people listened and heard God's voice through me. I was encouraged to know people were going to act upon something that I just have observed. And I was encouraged by being reminded that even a wonderful little old woman has value to God, and God isn't through with us at any time.

So what am I going to do this week? I am going to show up and support some students. I am going to cheer them on, I am going to talk with them. I want to tell them some wonderful qualities about them.

Its a beautiful to have a cheering section, but wouldn't it be exciting to be in the cheering section for someone else.

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