Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Whenever I say the word Beatitude, I always always think attitudes.

But what the word really means is a blessing. God gives a blessing to those who people who have certain characteristics or attitudes.

I have been spending time in the Sermon on the Mount lately and have gone over the beatitudes quite a few times. When I was in Bible school it was a requirement to memorise them for one of my classes. I have done so, and been able to repeat them, but have become robotic in doing so. I have forgot what they mean. So I decided to stop and rethink about them.

When I started to go back over them; I saw 8 blessings that God promises; but how many do I possess?

Am I poor in spirit? Am I meek? Would I be considered pure in heart? Am I persecuted because of righteousness?

The troubling thing is for some of these things, if I was being truly honest I would have to say 'no'.

There are a lot of times I am not humble or gentle in spirit. There are times when I put my hunger and thirst for righteousness on the back burner for other things. And I am sad to say, there are many times when I am not pure in heart (traffic on the way to the church can often kill this one).

Have you ever found yourself struggling to find a way to feel blessed by God? Have you ever prayed for God's blessing over yourself or someone else?

I know that I have, and sometimes I forget there is a way to obtain God's favour. I have made it easy to remember for myself. It is just 3 C's

Connect, Confess, Commit

Connect- I just have to get back to God. I need to spend some genuine time with God, no not just quickly throwing up a prayer, or flippantly reading something so I can check it off my task list. I need to separate myself from things and give 100% of what I have to God. It doesn't have to be for long but I have to do it.

Confess- I need to give up the fact that I have not been humble, that I haven't hungered or thirsted for righteousness. I have to admit that I haven't been pure in heart, or instead of being a peacemaker I have been a troublemaker. I know that by leaving it at Christ's feet I can be back to a clean slate and be fresh in his blessings.

Commit- This is when I need to make a conscious effort, to put my life back on the right track. I need to schedule some time to pray, schedule time to read my Bible, schedule some time for learning. Its not easy; but if I don't schedule it; but if I don't do it I will never find the time.

Now before I finish writing today I have to clarify what blessings I am talking about. I am not saying that I think I will get rich quick, or that people are going to start doing nice things for me, or that I will never get sick.

But I/you/we, will be blessed with peace, comfort, joy, happiness, love. We will see the fruits of the spirit come alive in our life. These are blessings to crave and blessings to chase after.


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