Sunday, 18 November 2012

Beautiful Unique Girl

Last night we had an amazing event. We brought in a team from the Family Life network to run an event called Beautiful Unique girl. The event was Pajama Party themed and involved singing, dancing, with a pizza party and chocolate fountain.

The event it self was a dream for a youth pastor. You are just required to book the venue, feed and billet the girls and that's basically it. The team came in, did all their own set up and take down. It really was quite nice.

The best part of the night however was hands down the message. They talked to the girls about self image and their identity in Christ. The message was timely and needed. The best reminder of this was during the night itself. While I wasn't able to take part in the evening (as evident by the pillow that said 'No boys allowed") My wife told me about it. Each of the girls wrote on one piece of paper the things they disliked about themselves and tore it up. On the other piece of paper they wrote what they liked about themselves.  Unfortunately, my wife ended up picking up a few of the 'like' papers and finding one of them had the words "nothing at all" written on it.

Reading this broke my wife's heart, hearing this broke mine and I can only image how God feels knowing one of his children feel this way.

It's a reminder that this is a lesson we need to keep sending. We have a lot of conversations saying that God loves you and your identity should be found in Christ, but are we really doing the best job we can?


  1. We need to do this with parents (especially dads) too. As a youth worker, I know it's not appropriate for me to tell a girl she looks beautiful.

    That's something dad needs to do.

    1. Aaron, you are so right! Dad's need to step up and tell their daughters they are beautiful, but ultimately I think the most important thing isn't outward beauty it is that they have inner beauty and are loved by Christ