Monday, 11 February 2013

Doing what is right

In case you have been living under a rock, you may not have heard that Pope Benedict XVI has resigned from his position. He is the first to do so since 1415, that is a long time! 
While I am not part of the Catholic Church, I am a part of the catholic church. I believe that God uses different sects and denominations to accomplish his will. And while if you asked me down to the gritty details where I sit on some theological issues I would disagree with some things the Catholic Church believes. But I do believe that as long as a priest is teaching that the only way to God is through Jesus Christ and his sacrifice and that we need to strive to live a life holy and pleasing to God, I support them. 

Anyways enough of that soap box, This post is about doing what is right and I believe the pope did the right thing. Too often we see people with power failing to relinquish it when they should. They will hold onto it often until death. I am not one to judge who God or man has put in an appointed church position, but I do believe it is up to the individual to seek God's calling in their lives. What I love about Pope Benedict XVI is that he has decided to step down because of failing health, but his plan is to live the rest of his life out in a monastery praying for the church and its appointed leaders. 

Wow what an example! A person who will give up their power and spend time praying for their successor and the church. We need more people like this in every area of the church. We need it in the evangelicals, the catholics and the mainline churches. 

I think their are too many problems with the church! We fight and argue, we grapple for power, we put each other down and are often too quick to judge. I would love to see more people spending time in prayer (and I need to be the first to change this in my life). If we in the church didn't fight to be the best known leader, or the most recognized church in our community we could probably work together a lot more. And image the kingdom impact it would have if we could work together to heal the hurt caused by the fighting within the church.

I believe a little move like this; if dealt with positively by other churches; could really create healing and make a huge impact for Christ in our world.

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