Saturday, 21 March 2015

A tale of two thieves

A possible rendering of our local thief?!?
Earlier today my wife was at a local gym drop-in with our daughter. As she was leaving she noticed her wallet was missing. She looked all around and then realised it had been stolen.

Now we live in what is generally seen as a super safe neighbourhood. Lots of people in our area don't lock their houses, they leave their cars on the street running, and don't worry about leaving bikes unlocked while they run into the coffee shop. But today it caught up with us.

Within minutes the thief had bought $125 in gas, but fortunately that's all they got, my wife took care of everything like a machine.

Before this I had only had one thing ever stolen from me, a Bible off the roof of my car, which kind of made me happy because I thought that if they were stealing a Bible they could probably use it.

But it made me think about all the times I have stolen.


Hold on a sec and hear me out. I am a pretty upstanding citizen but earlier this week I did accidentally steal some food from Safeway. I gave my daughter a snack as we walked through the grocery store and I forgot about her eating it while I went through the check stand. BUT I do plan on paying for it next time I go back!

But I think when it comes to being a thief it often comes in the form of stealing of time from my family and friends. Last week I wrote about how I need to work on putting down my phone and technology to spend time with my family, and it's something I am working on. I have been intentionally putting my cell phone in the other room occasionally so I won't even be tempted to pick it up, but at the same time I have failed by looking at something and not hearing what Amy said, or not been paying full attention to Skye.

The thing that has really struck me is in this time not only am I robbing them of time with me, but I am robbing myself. Since I have been working on putting things down I have had more laughs because I've seen my hilarious daughter putting on a show. I've been happier in my marriage because I am connecting more with my wife.

So with that being said I am going to encourage you, figure out what you are stealing from and give back.... and now I'm going to run and spend some time with my wife!

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