Monday, 30 March 2015

Mad at God

"I was pretty mad with God" I said.

I was telling a story to a friend, a story that for me was full of challenges, stress, mountaintop moments and intense disappointment. I was mad at God, because I thought things should go one way but they ended up going another.

I continued saying "And I told him about it!" I was frustrated, angry and tired and I felt like I had to be honest. 

Today I read an article from Relevant Magazine (you can read it by clicking here.) It was a good article about the fact that we don't have to have to perform for God. BUT I wish it would go a little bit further.

I wish as a Christian culture we would acknowledge something. That it's okay to be mad, and God knows when we are mad, so why don't we express it? 

Do we think we are being better or more "spiritual" by not truly being open with our feelings? By pretending that everything can be defined by the Christian 'F-Word'.... FINE!

I sometimes wonder if God is frustrated or even offended by our lack of openness with Him because as we know before a word is on the tongue God knows it (Psalm 139:4). 

I have found, that when I have expressed my true feelings to God, I can move on quicker. No things don't necessarily get better... but I can process my feelings and often as I process things, with Gods help, I can start to understand what I need to learn or see.

So I want to challenge you, next time you are feeling something asides from "FINE", why don't you be honest and talk to God about what is really going on.

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