Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Somebody that I used to know

I was watching a video of a cover of Gotye's song- Somebody that I used to know.
It is a great song, its 5 people playing one guitar singing one beautiful and sad song.
It saddens me that so many people can feel the same way about a song. If you listen to the lyrics its taking place after a break up. The person feels like the person they have connected to is just somebody that I used to know.

I was wondering if this is a little bit about how God feels about us. I don't think that God feels addicted to sadness, but I know that He is disappointed when we love hims so closely then just disappear and become someone that He used to know. Now God never stops knowing us. He knows everything about us. But we don't let him in. We kick him out of our lives and "change numbers" so we don't hear from him.

Listening to this song breaks my heart because I have broken God's. I hope to reach back out to him and be "Somebody that He still knows"

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