Thursday, 12 January 2012


I had a mom contact me yesterday... Her daughter just started to get excited about her faith again and so wanted to come to youth. I was pumped on her coming to youth, but was a little worried about what would happen if she came to this event which I knew was going to be all boys....
So what did I do, I said "Sounds great, but maybe skip wednesday and try fridays event which will have girls at it"

But the mom was persistent that she was going to bring her daughter so I told her we would be more than happy to have her come to our event.

The event was a small low key drop in where kids can just come and hang out and play some games. It was all boys as I guessed until she walked in. At first she was nervous but then ended up having a great time and even left feeling like she wanted to bring a friend.

Am I glad that God is keeping her on fire and that she had a good time. Because if it wasn't for me the person who was supposed to be helping her along, nothing would have happened, and who knows maybe she won't be able to make it to tomorrows event.

For now I am reminded that God tells us to focus on him. And remember never stop the children from coming to his feet and meeting with him.

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