Saturday, 11 February 2012

King Jesus Gospel- A review

While I have to be honest I have not read Scot Mcknights book " The King Jesus Gosepl" I attended his lecture and reading of his paper yesterday at Regent University.

I do have to give the man credit he is incredibly smart (sometimes too smart in my opinion as I felt like you needed a lot of pre-knowledge for his lecture)

The point Scot is trying to make is this: We have a Salvation centered Gospel as evangelicals today. But we need to move to a place of a Gospel that revolves around the full story of King Jesus. How He comes into the Isreal story and to the world story and fulfills it and is going to finish it one day.

I completely agreed with Scot on this. Far too often do we only focus on the Salvation part, we need to move to discipleship and teaching people about far more than just "you are a sinner Jesus is the fix-it all". While these are true statements we need to worry more as a western church about Discipleship.

I would say if you are interested in it, probably read the book. I found Scot to be a touch condesending for my liking; separating evangelicals, pinning blame on numerous groups and individuals (neo-puritans ie John Piper/Mark Driscoll/Francis chan, and also revilvalists such as Billy Graham)

So what do we do?

I think it looks like this in practical youth ministry-
1.Tell the whole story of Christ in your teaching.
   -Teach from the whole bible. Go to the old testament tell a story and pull Jesus into the context
2. Don't pressure teach
    -We need to stop pressuring kids into faith, rather we need to inspire them into faith through who Jesus is! He has all the power to take care of them himself. While we need to watch them and pray for them and even walk them through the process of knowing God, lets let God get their hearts there. And lets disciple them as long as we have them.

So my view is, Love God- Inspire students- Teach the whole Gospel.

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