Sunday, 12 February 2012


Today Amy and I took 4 girls snowshoeing.

We have a new girl in our youth from the states in grade 8. She has connected with one gr 7 girl, but we brought 2 other grade 8 core students to hang out.

It was a huge success! Even though it took us 2.5 hrs to hike what Amy and I do in an hour, we ended up having a great time snowshoeing great discussion.

After Snowshoeing we went to the new girls house for dinner then back to my house for Jr High Discussion group. It was a lot of stuff packed into one day.

It reminded me however, that if you are willing to go the extra distance (pun intended) huge benefits will happen. Our new student was able to open up immediately at our discussion group tonight and we had one of the best discussions yet!

Looking forward to seeing where things will keep going, thanks to God!

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