Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lectio Divina

This morning I had the awesome opportunity to speak to the seniors group that meets Wednesday mornings at our office. I love it so much because you get to be with people who have lived life, and have so much to share.

The difficult part for me in this is that I feel overwhelmed by what to say with people who have been Christians for longer than I have been alive. So this week I was challenged by God not to teach, because its not me doing it anyways and we went through an old tradition called Lectio Divina.

Lectio Divina means: Divine Reading. We took Psalm 84 and prayerfully read through it 4 times, and after each time took a moment of silence to think about what God was teaching us.

It was beautiful all of us sharing what God was speaking to us. We talked about how awesome it is to peak our heads around the corner and look at God. How He is our provider of refreshing rain, the warm sun and the peaceful shade. We talked about how we want our souls to long after God in a way they never have before. All in all, we want to spend time with God.

The other thing that was brought to my mind this morning was just how often we forget about our seniors. One woman shared with me how she went through a season of feeling like she didn't have a role to play in our church after quitting teaching Sunday School (she taught it for almost 40 years).

The elder people in our tribe called church have a lot to say, do and share with us. Let's not forget them, because I know I learned and was filled up by what God said to them today!

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