Thursday, 29 March 2012

Duct Tape Wallets

Last night a few of the guys from my youth group came out and we hung out and made duct tape wallets.

One guy B. was amazing at it, he even brought his own kit to show us how to make the best wallets. I tried his way and another way, and his was way better.

The cool thing is that it reminded me to let students lead. So often it is easy for me to be in control, because there is no risk! But sometimes when you let a student be the teacher you can learn much more.

Students are often better teachers than leaders as well. Yeah sure, they might not know as much in some regards but sometimes they know more about something.  Also, other students identify best with the student leader and often are way more receptive to hearing and learning. It also encourages the student you are letting lead.

I hope this is a reminder, that as adults we don't always have to be in control. Sometimes students know a lot more than we do!

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