Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Neutering Columbo

Today we finally got our cat Columbo neutered. It has been a long road...heart murmurs, almost getting an ultrasound, several rounds of him being stoned on sedatives. Its been great. Fortunately it ended up being as cheap as it could possibly be.

The funny thing is something as trivial as a cat being neutered can make you see the sovereignty of God. When we first went to get Columbo fixed, we found out he had a heart murmur. We ended up taking him in twice more, hoping that it would resolve itself.

We finally found out, he was going to need an ultrasound. The ultrasound was going to cost a lot of money. We prayed a lot about it, because we were concerned for the cost and also for our cat. At the same time, Amy lost a cat during a neuter in the past so she was worried.

In the end we took him to the vet and just trusted in God, as difficult as it was in the moment. Once at the Ultrasound he was a terror and they couldn't end up being examined. So we didn't have to pay for anything and they decided to take a few extra precautions and neuter him for the same price as regular.

So today 2 months after the intial neuter date, Columbo lost his manhood. And to top it all off his heart murmur was gone.

I believe that God made us walk this path because it had us give up even the small things to him. We had to give up our cat, potentially our finances and our stress about the whole thing. And God provided, even for something that might seem silly or  not important to many people. God has everything under control, whether we realize it or not.

Thank God

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