Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Ultimate Social Network

I have never met Josh Griffin in person. But I follow the youth garage and his blog link here. Those of you who follow Josh will appreciate the plug for him.

So today I decided that I should send him an e-mail to encourage him in what he does. And within 10 minutes I get a phone call. It was awesome. He wanted to say thanks, and if I was at the conference he was at we would have grabbed coffee. Unfortunately I didn't have the budget to do it but would have loved to. And hopefully when I go on a trip down the coast in the fall I will be able to meet up with him.

But the thing I was struck with that was so cool is this: As Christians we have the coolest social network. We all have something in common; no matter how different we are; God.

I was at a conference last weekend for the church and again, even though there were 75 other people I didn't know we all got along and had a great time, no awkwardness.  I think it is something very cool God has given us as a gift. The ultimate Social Network

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