Friday, 2 March 2012

Youth Ministry Love

Someone got me thinking today about why I love Youth Ministry. Okay I started thinking it because they are awarding someone with their personal pick of an awesome mug, but that's besides the point.

How do I love youth ministry, let me count the ways (in no particular order except number 1):

1. I have the greatest boss of all time

2. I get to work with the coolest people in the world
3. I get to be part of the coolest social network ever (see yesterdays post)
4. I have the most flexible hours when I need them
5. I get to see the transformation of peoples lives to revolve around God
6. I am constantly learning new youth ministry ideas from colleagues who are way smarter than I am
7. I get to spend part of my work day in the Bible
8. I have the honor of singing worship to God during my business day
9. I love when a youth texts me just because (its makes me know I am valued)
10.  I get to serve people and have fun doing it!

The list could keep going but I just wanted to give a few of my favorite things

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