Monday, 9 April 2012

Missed the mark

This weekend we tried to do something different with our youth ministry. We decided to have the youth volunteer in the Sunday school classes so that adults could take a break.

Was it a great idea? YES. Did we execute it well NO. The problem wasn't that the students did a poor job. In fact they were amazing. Great volunteers who made a difference. The poor job was done by me.

I wasn't thinking about the fact that on Easter Sunday a few youth might show up that weren't regulars. And sure enough a bunch did and one who wanted to come to Sunday school was disappointed to find out we were helping out elsewhere.

I tried to get him to hang out but he fled into the sanctuary.

This got me to think about how are we going to work things out as our ministry grows. I am hoping that our ministry will grow greatly in the next little while. We have been seeing some significant growth in the maturity of a few students and I am excited for the idea that they will bring others.

Lets hope we can adjust to our growth and plan ahead so that we don't miss the mark.

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