Sunday, 8 April 2012

Zombie Sunday

I have heard the term Zombie Sunday, because people say anything that rises from the dead is now a zombie. Zombies rise from the dead to take lives. They need to feed on humans so that they can continue to be the undead.

But today is actually Easter Sunday. It is a day to remember that Jesus not only rose from the dead. He beat it. Jesus didn't come to feed on humans, He came to feed us! He himself is the bread of life. He is life itself!

With Jesus we too can also beat death. We won't be buried then one day rise again as flesh eaters. We are able to rise again and live with God. We will be eternally full, and not of peoples bodies, but rather of the goodness of God.

So remember if life feels hopeless, if you feel that you are wandering through life like a zombie. Maybe you feel like all you will ever be is worm food, or food for the undead.

Know you are so much more, you are a person with value! You are a person Jesus chose to die on the cross for. You have the opportunity to follow and live with God through Jesus' death and resurrection(being raised from the dead.)

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