Thursday, 26 April 2012


Amy; my beautiful wife; and the Thing
Maui a wonderful island in the pacific. Sun, Beaches, coconut trees. It was beautiful.

My wife and I were fortunate to spend the last week in Maui, we stayed at her aunts house and got to borrow a '74 VW Thing. Seriously it was a cool car!
While we were in Maui, we got to surf, snorkel, walk around, eat delicious food, and rest and relax.

It was much needed to charge us up for the spring and summer. It refreshed us to get back into work and do our thing.

It also did something much more profound. It reminded me to guard my time off. I didn't think about work, or my coworkers. I didn't think about how my youth were doing. I didn't even think about my favorite sandwich shop.  I thought about my wife, the beautiful place I was in and God.

How refreshing it is to spend time without frustration, with some beautiful things God has provided. It reminded me that when I am super busy working with my head down, I forget to pop it up as often as I should to see things passing me by.

When I was driving the VW thing. I had a rock fly up and hit me in the sunglasses shattering them (which I had just bough by the way) I was so mad! I was not happy, it both hurt and wrecked my sunglasses. But I was reminded that my eyes were saved. So maybe the $20 sunglasses had been worth it.

When we are in the midst of our busy life schedules, we often forget to look around at what God is providing. We are forgetting that while we may be paying our dues, or sometimes something hits us in the head, we have huge blessings that we forget about. I know often when I am swamped I don't think about how awesome of a job I have, or how I get to work with awesome students, or how God is my boss and that's the coolest employer anyone can have.

So I am hoping that even though I am headed back to work, I remember to pop my head up. Because God has blessed me with an amazing life! I should pay closer attention.

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