Monday, 2 April 2012

Youth pastor plays guitar

I am currently learning to play guitar. I used to play piano quite well, not to toot my own horn because frankly I can't play any wind instruments. (ok ok enough bad jokes)

There are a few things that a lot of people know about youth pastors: They are young, have unlimited energy, have goatees, wear baseball caps backwards, and they ALL play guitar or if they aren't as musically talented they play bass.

Ok, so I guess I don't really fit much of that profile but I have always wanted to learn guitar. I even wanted to learn it before I had any inkling that I would one day work with youth.

The problem I have always had with guitar is making it into a discipline. I have tried to pick up it up numerous times, but I get distracted by other things like sports/video games/summer camp/sore fingers.

It gets me to thinking about disciplines in our faith. Sometimes we have good intentions about picking up disciplines, but we don't really want to put in the hard work.

I am right now, going to work through the road of making guitar playing a discipline. Because it means that I can have a leader to play music in my ministry. I want to opportunity for my students to praise God through worship.  I hope that while I journey on this road of playing guitar, others will journey on taking a spiritual habit they have thought of and perhaps wanted to do. Because as Yoda would say "Do or Do not, there is no try"

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