Monday, 2 April 2012

To text or not to text

Yesterday I ended up in a text conversation with one of my students. This is one of my favorite parts of ministry. I love when a student chooses to engage with me by their choice. It helps me know that my work is valuable, it lets me see that God is working through me in the lives of my students.

So I was in a meeting when suddenly a student texts me, only problem was I forgot to turn off my ringer. So off goes my phone and its a student who wants to talk. I was fortunate he was okay waiting until after my meeting.

I text him back and forth, and then hit home. When I get home I haven't seen my wife in 3 hrs, I realize I have to end the conversation and visit with my wife.

Something I am quickly realizing is that I need to find balance in things. And part of that includes my texting habits. One problem with loving getting texts, is that it so easily interferes with our lives. We live in a society that rips into our personal lives whether we like it or not.

So now when I am coming home I finish my texting before I come in the door unless its really necessary to keep texting. While my students can contact me anytime; and I hope they do; my wife comes first.

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