Saturday, 12 May 2012

Fundraiser Idea

I have been reading on a few blogs about fundraising lately. While we don't do much fundraising with our Youth, I am always keeping my ears open to hear about new and creative ideas. I want to share one that my friend Tim from Kenora, Ontario shared with me. He told me about a fundraiser called Change for Change.

So you pick a certain number of envelopes ( 1-100) on each envelope you put a dollar value ($1-$100) inside you place information about the project you are raising the funds for, and if you want perhaps a little something extra a prize, a candy or something of the like.  You then staple each envelope to a nicely decorated board and put it up on a wall, or on display wherever you need.

This is an easy way for everyone to contribute. Younger kids and students can contribute by purchasing the lower number and then your more wealthy donors can take care of the rest, or people can pool money together to buy an envelope. This is an easy way to do a fundraiser with very little cost to you.

And think you have just made just under 13 grand. Only $20 needs to go back to recover any costs or be donated.

I hope that if you are doing a fundraiser you will consider this and pass it along! Lots of people can use fresh fundraising ideas

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