Thursday, 3 May 2012

Graduation Pranks

Sex with younger students while being video taped. That is one of the grad pranks rumors circulating around my community.

I was sent an email this morning containing a link to a local news article. Informing people an anonymous letter was written letting people know that, the grad class at two local schools are having a competition. This competition will contain sex between Grade 12's and younger students engaging in sexual activity while being video taped amongst many other things.

The validity of letter has been tossed around as a hoax, or potentially a cry out for help. So what are we to do?

Of course we need to talk about this with the students in our community. Those who are graduating need to know that this is not okay. Those who aren't need to know to beware and not fall for something so harmful.

This is the time to talk to students about their identity: they are valued by more than sex and how many notches they have on their bedpost, but they are valued based on who they are in Christ.

Students need to be reminded they are of value, students need to be reminded that people care for them outside of a dating or sexual relationship, students need to be reminded that healthy individuals around them love them for who they are. Most importantly students need to be reminded that God loves them no matter what and that He died because of that love.

I hope that this is all a prank in and of itself, and that it causes no more harm. But if not I pray that students will not fall for this, but instead  for the love of Christ.

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