Tuesday, 12 June 2012

It's been a while

SO I seem to have taken a bit of a Hiatus from blogging. I have no intentions of quitting, so where did I go you may ask?

I have taken a bit of a break in order to focus on my ministry and a few other projects. Over the past month and a half I have hired an intern, run a retreat for my grade 8-10's and started working towards my Masters in Seminary. It has been crazy but a lot has been coming out of it (hopefully I will slowly catch up with the blogging)

Today I submitted my first assignment on my long journey towards my masters. It is a basic class for Seminary students, but has demanded much of my time otherwise.

But to the ministry- how have I been focusing on it.

Well first of all I have decided to hire an intern. She has been great, but it has added a workload of its own to the mix. I am hopefully pouring into her to train her to be a better person, and to thrive in her future workplace.

Secondly, I have spent a few weeks prepping for the next school year. While I have my summer planned out, I am working towards planning out the school year: events, speaking, retreats the whole 9 yards. This is my first year of doing everything a year ahead, which means like anything that you do for the first time it took me a while. I had a bank of events and topics to talk on, but I wanted to orchestrate them to maximize the impact of our ministry. Its a big deal and I have been convicted that I need to be a better steward with my time and my effectiveness. Not that I wasn't effective, there are just areas that need to be improved upon.

Thats my update for now, I hope to jump into writing more ministry blogs ASAP. Until then GOD BLESS

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