Friday, 22 June 2012


Today I was having a discussion with my wife about people being in the spotlight. There are celebrities and people we know personally. Some of them are put in the spotlight because they have great things to say, others are in the spotlight because they had connections or great timing. A few people in the spotlight made it simply for the wrong reasons.

As we were talking about this, I started to think about Christian celebrity. We have people like Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll, Rob Bell, and Billy Graham. Now I am not going to comment on who these people are and whether or not they deserve the spotlight they are in. But these are people Christians and non-Christians alike follow.

Now I work hard not to be in the spotlight. Sure I have a bit of a spotlight position, as a youth pastor I am often focusing in conversation, teaching from up front and I do preach a few times a year. But I think there is value in letting other people be in the spotlight sometimes. When someone gets the stage to lead: it builds confidence, encourages them and tells them you care.

The spotlight can be a way to build people up, but it can be destructive as well.

The spotlight becomes destructive when we crave it. When we seek it out and ignore people. Now I am not saying that no one should be in the spotlight, rather I am saying we need to use it, and share it.

One problem I see continually, is that when someone is looking towards the spotlight they can become discontent where they are at. I know for myself, when I seek the spotlight I start to become unhappy. I forget that God has blessed me where I am at.

I think as leaders in the church; and this includes me; we need to focus not on ourselves but on the task at hand. We have to do what we can where we are at and be content because God has given us a role.

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