Monday, 2 July 2012

Fallen off the wagon

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This week I realized I have done something no Christian wants to admit, I fell off the personal devotional wagon. Now I am not saying I haven't been involved with scripture, quite the opposite actually. I have done something I believe lots of other christian leaders do, started reading our ministry into everything.

Now I will be the first to admit, that a HUGE part of ones job when they teach is to spend time in the Word solely for the purpose of teaching, but sometimes we forget that we need to spend time in the Word for ourselves. We need to be in there digging and learning for our own walk with God.

That's what has happened to me, so how am I going to fix it? I have decided to spend some time in my journal, I will also listen to some worship music. I am going to turn off my phone, my laptop and my tv. I am going to go into solitude. I am going to sit and be still (something I don't do well) and I am going to read my Bible for what God wants to teach with.

Now one thing I have started to do is have a Bible I just use to read for myself out of. This might seem crazy and perhaps even expensive because I already have so many Bibles, but I find if I don't keep things separate I don't shut off easily. So I will use that Bible, not my iPhone, study Bible or teaching Bible for my reading.

I don't know about everyone, but one thing I know is if I do this there are a lot of others out there who fall off the wagon. So how do you stay on the wagon? What are you doing to keep up with your PERSONAL devotional time?

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