Friday, 31 August 2012

Summer Ministry

I just got back from my summer Vacation. It was a great time to spend with my wife and recharge. We visited my family, went camping in beautiful places such as Banff and Penticton. I got to get out and road ride a bit, and also exercise my rest muscles a lot.

Now that I am back I am able to look back on the summer to see the good, bad and the ugly of the Summer. I was inspired by Josh Griffin over at the blog more than dodgeball to write about some of the awesome things from the summer. So here they are:

Water Slides: A crew of 6 boys and 3 of us leaders headed to the waterslides. It was an awesome time to hang out, talk and get some gnarly wedgies.

Pitch and Putt: We played a couple rounds of Par 3 golf this summer. It was really enjoyable to get out and hit the greens.

Whitewater rafting: This is a new annual thing- Get a couple cars full of people together, and hit the road for a rafting adventure. This year we had awesome guides, got soaking wet and had a great time. It will surely be a trip that won't be easily forgotten.

Working on the Downtown East Side: This one is a highlight for me. Taking a group of students downtown to serve those who live in poverty. We got to work along side some of them, and love on these people and get to know them. I think we got more out of it, than any of the people we served! It was well worth it and we will do it again.

Hanging out: Sometimes there is nothing as good as hanging out. You get to spend time sharing life together. That is what Christ did with his disciples, so I can't think of a better way to do ministry. I know I will never be the mentor He is, so I just point them towards Him.

When I look back on all I did this summer( and this was just a snippet) I realized I am so blessed to do the work I do!

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