Saturday, 18 August 2012

Water Slides

That feeling, when you are about to plummet down a huge slide and you know you are going to get a wicked wedgie. Pain is very possible, along with a huge adrenaline rush and a few screams of excitement.
Map of Cultus Lake Water Park
How many places can provide that feeling? Yesterday I took a crew of boys, my intern and my wife to Cultus lake water slides. It is the biggest water park around, they pump out good music and the slides are crazy with names like Tubular Terror, Valley of fear, black hole and one we jokingly called the drop of death.

I started this as an annual event last year for the sole purpose of bonding. Water Parks are great for bonding because you have to stand in line- when you stand in line over and over you get to a lot of talking. You get to chat and laugh about all sorts of things and you talk about things that might not otherwise come up. The other great thing, is you get to go down insane rides which at moments can be terrifying for some people, so you can joke and laugh and have fun together.

As usual whenever something good happens in ministry I try to glean what I can out of it, so I can build on it, and improve our ministry. And what I came up with was simple, sometimes you need to create time of socialization. We often have fun events, or bible studies but how often do we have a time that leads to lots of talking outside of a lesson. For myself I know not often, so I hope to seek out more things that could create talking.

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