Friday, 14 September 2012

5 Ways to fail as a Christian Leader

There are a lot of things we do as Christian leaders that make positive contributions, but perhaps there are some things we do that are failures.

1. Be Two Different people

Be a really fun, energetic loving person with everyone at Church and in a work context. Make sure you are welcoming and loving, caring and kind. But when it comes to not being "at work" take a break, make sure you dodge the areas where your students and families are... and make sure if you have to shop at that grocery store, you skip the isles when one of your families are there even if you need to pick up milk.

2. Fight for Glory

Tell everyone about how awesome you are doing in your walk with God. Maybe stretch the truth just a little bit so that you look awesome. If you are awesome, surely everyone you talk to will be as well. Don't share failures, that would be weak and honest of you.

3. Finish off with Prayer

What do you do when you wrap up a meeting, hang out time or service. Well, we pray. But we wouldn't want to have a meaningful prayer in the midst of something, and we definitely can't stop what we are doing to pray. Because how much less efficient and effective would that be?

4. Let them come to you

You are a busy person, you are helping several if not hundreds of people in their walk with Christ. People need to schedule and make appointments. It would be ridiculous for you to see needs in others and meet with them by your own motivation.

5. Take care of yourself

Seriously it is hard work to take care of all these people that need us. We better all make sure we are putting in 80hrs/week, eating some fast food to save us time and not exercising or sleeping. And most importantly we better cut down on that family time, it might be distracting.


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