Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Way Past Curfew

Being up way past curfew, a thrill to enjoy as a teenager. Being up all night, doing crazy things and experiencing the night in a different way.

Right now I am getting involved in a youth event for all the students in my town. We have 7 different ministries coming together to throw and event we call WAY PAST CURFEW.

Way Past Curfew is an all nighter for students to bring friends to in order to expose them to Christ. We will have bands, a speaker, an arcade, midnight snacks, movies, 2am dodge ball, 5am broom ball. It is a crazy event that I am convinced will take a month off of my life every time we throw it.

Way Past Curfew is a yearly event that hopefully is creating an impact in our community for the kingdom. But there is a catch we are 7 different church and para-church organisations with different ways of doing things.

How do we make it work?

1) We meet together and pray together: We like to kick off our meetings with prayer and we talk through all the decisions. The big churches and little churches have the same say in everything.

2) We find common ground: Sure some of us are baptists, Pentecostals and we have some non-denominational. So what we do is find the things we can agree on. Glorifying God is #1, students are important, we want to create a safe and fun environment.

3) We all chip in: Some of the leaders are full-time and others are part time. But we divide the roles as equally as possible, as I said earlier we have big churches and little ones. We make sure everyone has a voice and sometimes the person who can help the most is from that little church. We all make a commitment to give 100% of the time and resources we can spare, and find others to help with everything we don't cover.

This event has caused huge changes in thousands of youths lives over the years because a few churches have gone against the grain and worked together. I would challenge you to think of a way that you could partner with local churches/organisations to make an impact in your community for the kingdom.


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