Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lockout Season

So far the NHL and NHLPA have not been able to come to agreement. For some people this is terrible news. For me, I can't really be bothered to care.

On Twitter, Facebook and blogs I have been blasted by the news about the NHL lockout. People stressing because they may have to go for a year without watching hockey. Other people are angry because of the greed going on. Me, what am I concerned about? I am concerned about the state of our priorities.

Whether people want to admit it or not, in our culture we make sports a priority. People skip out on church to go to a sports game, other people might have to miss a Bible study because there is an important game. And worst of all, if there is any sort of sporting event on when I could be spending time with God, you better believe I'm watching something else.

Now I am not saying sports are wrong, they are healthy and important. Playing them is good for us, watching them is entertaining and supporting friends and loved ones is appreciated. The problem is that sports often put us on spiritual lockout.

We don't have time to spend time reading our Bibles because of a game, and the only prayer we might say is the one that asks God for our team to win.

Its sad, and I want to see the lockout end.

What changes will really happen in the world if NHL players get a few more bucks?
 I'll take a guess that not a lot will change.

What change will happen if people spend a little more time with God?
Lives will be changed
People will have a renewed hope and passion
People will turn to Christ
God's name will be shared and praised.

So we have to pick, which will be more important to us: An NHL lockout or our Spiritual lockout?


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