Friday, 7 September 2012

7 Day prayer Challenge

Today is Day 1 in our Youth Ministries 7 Day Prayer Challenge. - I stole the idea from MTDB.

My students often say they want tangible ways they can work on their faith and this one I hope will be a home run (if one person does it, I'll consider that a home run)

I have taken the 7 Day prayer fast challenge from Saddleback's HSM and putting a twist on it. I am challenging families or individual students to take under 5 min a day and read a Bible verse and pray on the topic of the day.

I am hoping by putting this challenge forth, students and myself will be reminded how easy it is to pray. Sometimes we might forget to pray, or not know what to pray about, and sometimes we just don't feel like it. But I know this challenge will be a reminder to the truth that says God will meet us when we come to him.

We are going to Ask, seek and knock at the door, and I think God will move through our ministry this week and overflow for us this year!

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