Thursday, 6 September 2012

Website Updates

I was sifting through some of our church website today to edit content. We had some pages that are doing great and shouldn't be altered and we have some pages that need some TLC. And when I say TLC I mean an overhaul so that it looks nothing like it did before.

As I flipped through things that need to be worked on it got me thinking about updating our personal lives with God. How many of us get stuck in a rut spiritually? I know I get stuck in them. Sometimes I am in a rut not doing anything, other times its like a truck stuck in the mud spinning tires (because doing more of the same thing is going to work.

So how do we change how we are feeling? How do we update our spiritual walk?

Steps to make version 2.0

1. Communicate with your programmer- if there is a cut off from the information supply nothing is going to happen.

2. Try different software- So you are doing a devotional and its just not working. Well try a different devotional. Look at some other great sources. Homeward devotional is a good one I use, find some blogs that will fill you up, or get a Bible App(they usually have devotionals on them)

3. Update before you crash- look for tried and true software and use it, but also be looking for good, healthy upcoming stuff.

You want to keep moving, cause your don't know your in a rut until your in it.



  1. I really loved this one. And can relate to it so much.

  2. Thanks Sydney, I hope you are doing awesome with your devotionals!