Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Funny Moments At Small Group

Tonight we had a great small group time with my Sr. Highs. We got together played some Balderdash and then spent some time talking about how we define ourselves and talked about how we should want ourselves defined is being after God's own heart. We used 1 Samuel 16 and Acts 13:22 to talk about it. It was really a great night but we sure had some funny moments when the students defined themselves.

Some actual words/phrases students used to define themselves:

-Broken Record


-slightly OCD (but only slightly)

-socially acceptable


- if I was on the periodic table I would be Thalium

- A Mercenary

 These things were great they truly gave me a light into how the students view themselves and gave us a great chance to enjoy some humor.

Another humorous moment in the night was prayer. I don't know why but sometimes prayer just ends up being full of laughter amongst my group.

A great moment from prayer:

 Dear God, thank you for the food we ate tonight and the hands that prepared it; even if those hands were from Safeway"

Now I am sure some people might be questioning whether or not I am fit to be leading a group of youth if these things come up, but I would love to assure you that my students asked some really deep questions as well. To be honest, sometimes its also nice to just have a good time! God loves laughter- in fact its one of our values amongst our youth.


  1. Love the Thalium comment! Thalium is the only element on the periodic table that doesn't have any use whatsoever!

  2. His point was because it seems so useless it is under appreciated. But its valuable non the less. LOVE IT!