Friday, 26 October 2012

Three things I learned @ Catalyst One Day

Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel and the North Point Worship Band; the perfect set up for a one day conference.

If you have ever attended a conference and been bored, or found yourself fading in a session this conference will change your view. I sat engaged and excited for ever minute while attending the conference.

If you aren't familiar with Catalyst you should check out their conferences here.  But basically it is a conference teaching practical leadership to leaders in the church (but people in industry could learn a lot here as well).

Yesterday, some of the staff of my church attended the ONE DAY in Seattle. It was 4 great sessions hosted by Andy and Craig, with some Q&A's, conversation between the two of them and an amazing interview of Judah Smith. If you don't know Judah Smith he leads City Church in Kirkland, WA; where the conference was held.

I thought after going through this amazing experience I would share some of what I learned. I won't give it all away because you really should go to a catalyst conference yourself and soak it all in.

3 Things I learned:

1. Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone
Andy Stanley was leading a session on healthy organisational culture when he made this statement. It is counter cultural because we often hear " If I do it for you, I need to do it for everyone" Well, the truth is we don't. Jesus didn't do it, he picked a few disciples and had 3 closest to him. He only healed some people not everyone he encountered.
By helping one person we encourage them to go help someone else with something. If we try to help everyone we will stretch ourselves thin and be ineffective, but if we reach out and effectively help one we have a great impact.

2. Give life-giving feedback
I know for myself I struggle with this; both giving and receiving. When we give life-giving feedback we really really encourage a healthy culture which will crave helpful feedback. But as I also know first had when someone gives life-taking feedback it causes us to stall and really slows progress.

3. Presentation, Presentation, Presentation
This conference had excellent worship, great media and tons of great information. But one thing I am drawn to is the fact that the delivery was so good. Craig and Andy are amazing speakers! They are funny, thought provoking and engaging. When watching them I started to think about what I could glean from them. And it is this- I need to work on my craft. Everything from comedic timing, to learning to reference back to earlier parts of your talk can be learned. If I take the time to look at myself and improve on the gifts God has given me, but I am sure I can reach excellence.

What things have you been learning recently?


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