Saturday, 20 October 2012

Caution: Inspiration Contained within

Jesus, Mother Teresa, Bethany Hamilton, Nick Vujicic, Bono, Felix Baumgartner, Ghandi, Frodo. These are some people that are truly inspirational. While each of them are famous for different or similar reasons, they are all an inspiration to others.

Why are they inspirational: Some are leaders of movements, some pro athletes, amazing speakers/musicians, and one guy went on a huge journey even if it was fictional. They are inspirational because of things they have experienced or accomplished. They make us think about our lives in a unique ways.

Today I watched a video of a talk given by Nick Vujicic. You can watch it here.
He is truly an amazing speaker and very inspiring. God has given him many talents and not given him other things that give him a platform (watch the video or Google him and you will understand). I was floored by his story, I was amazed by the message he gave. Not because of what he has done, but because of what God has done in and through him.

Lately I have been thinking: How can I inspire the lives of the people I work with? How can I inspire the students I teach to be inspirational for other students? And the message I watched today was the reminder for me. I might not always be inspiring, and sometimes my students feel like their life isn't inspiring, but God is always inspiring. God is within us when we accept him, He has given us the Holy Spirit to do great things in us and through us. That is what I need to teach and how I can lead by example. We need to find those moments God has changed us and shown his power.

Students often say to me that their testimony is boring. Yes, my students testimony might be boring because they have never done anything. But if I help them see what God has done in and through them, their testimony will be inspiring. Because so often we make our testimonies about us and how we found God, but maybe we have that wrong. Maybe we need to be twisting it around to what God did to and is doing to us.

If we really want our lives to be inspirational we have to make others think about their own lives in a unique way. And that way can simply be by making people look for what God is doing in them. If they don't see God's work they might just be inspired to find out how to get God involved. If they already know they have God, maybe they will be inspired to dig a little deeper and find more ways God has worked in them.

I want to challenge you to take a moment and look within. Find what God has done in your life, because I promise if He is a part of your life he has done something truly inspirational.


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