Friday, 19 October 2012

Stratos Jump

As I'm sure almost everyone who would read my blog would know; Felix Baumgartner jumped from a balloon in space over 128,000 ft free falling to the point of breaking the sound barrier.

This dude is nuts! If you haven't seen the video check it out here!
Now I have never been skydiving or base jumping, but one thing I know for sure is this must have been a rush. Whether you think the guy is crazy or not, he had the experience of a lifetime. (no seriously he promises not to do it again).

The thing that amazes me about this video, is this guy has such a passion for his sports of jumping off high places and plummeting towards the earth. He has jumped off the tallest of ever structure he can here on earth, he has jumped out of the sky and now he has free fallen from space to be able to tell the tale.

What I find inspiring about this guy, is that he was willing to lay his life on the line for something he desired. While I would personally never take the risk, he did something that I think is astonishing.

I bring this up because our theme this year in my youth ministry is OWN IT. The idea behind it is this; no one else can choose/live your faith. You don't inherit it, you don't earn it, you choose to believe in it and live it out. So what does that mean: it means highs and lows, work and enjoyment, and sometimes sacrifice and being willing to lay it on the line.

Felix Baumgartner was willing to lay his life on the line for a rush, and a couple world records that will likely be beaten one day. And if he is willing to do that, it makes me think what would we be willing to lay our life on the line for. How solid is my faith? Would I be willing to do anything for it? I truly believe it is. But are my students there? If they aren't what steps do I need to take to get them there? These are questions I am working on answering. Are they questions you should be asking about your ministry?


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