Tuesday, 22 January 2013

How Hungry are you?

I was flipping through the Book "The Pursuit of God" by A.W. Tozer and was struck by a simple couple of sentences.

" The man is 'saved' but he is not hungry nor thirsty after God. In fact, he is specifically taught to be satisfied and is encouraged to be content with little."

Does that summarise you? It certainly summarises me a little here and there, and often for longer periods than I would care to admit.

I think one of the signs we are failing as Christians is by not being hungry. We live in a culture that says eat until your stomach is full, consume until you cannot take anymore. But when it comes to faith we are happy with just skimming the surface. Oh I took the little bit of cream off the top that I wanted and now I'm content.

With consumerism in the world we need to stop, the more we are taking for ourselves the more we are harming others. The opposite is true when it comes to our faith. The more we take for ourselves the more we have to give to others. If you aren't filling yourself up with God, his word and his life giving bread, you are running out of anything you can possibly give.

If you truly want to connect with God, you need to increase your hunger. And as easy as that sounds for eating food here on earth, it is harder with our spiritual diet. It probably means that you need to eat as much as you can to expand your spiritual stomach. Once your Spiritual stomach has been expanded you will grow a deeper sense of hunger.

So what are you doing to do today to increase your hunger for God? For me, I am going to crack open the word and read more than I planned on reading today. Because I want to not be satisfied with a little but to always be hungry for more of God.

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