Sunday, 20 January 2013

Knowing how you worship

Seems like a stupid blog post title doesn't it. Of course I sing at church to some music and if I am really charismatic I raise my hands above my head and close my eyes (because real Christians know all the words to the songs)

But I was challenged; in a course I took a couple weeks ago; to start thinking about how I worship. Gary Thomas wrote a book a while back that played a little bit off of The Five Love languages. It was called Sacred Pathways, it has to do with our own Worship Languages.

What are the best ways for you to relate and draw close to God? 
I thought I'd share the list with you and you could think about how you worship God, and what ways you can grow by really committing to relating with him. I know I am not a morning quiet time with journalling person, so this gave me freedom to figure out why and where I grow.

Naturalists- Love God outside

Sensates- Love God using the senses (perhaps incense, music, lighting help you feel in the presence of God)

Traditionalist- You love God by going through rituals and doing things in routine. You may also love significant symbols.

Ascetics- You love solitude and simplicity- it is there you hear God's voice

Activists- You are loving God through fighting for Social Justice and confronting injustices.

Caregivers- You love God through the loving of others (Think Mother Theresa and some longstanding Sunday School Teacher)

Enthusiasts- You love God with Mystery and celebration

Contemplatives- You love God by being contemplative on your life. You love God through Adoration

Intellectuals- You love God with your mind. Studying scripture and books really gives you a better sense of God.

The cool thing is none of these works for anyone, but I am pretty sure anyone can find one or more they enjoy. Perhaps if you have never really found a way to connect with God that feels right, you aren't in a place that is letting you worship one of these ways (either at home or at church).

Find what is right for you. Because God made you to be unique.


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