Friday, 20 July 2012

Movie theater Shooting

Last night in Aurora CO, an armed man shot 12 dead and injured many more. It is a tragic thing that something like this would happen. It is always sad news to hear of the killings of many people and others being injured and scarred.

So what do we do? PRAY

We need to pray for the families of the victims, those who are injured and friends and loved ones in the community. Right now hundreds of people are shook up because of what happened. We need to pray that through this awful news, they can hear the good news.

On top of all of this we need to do the hard thing. We need to pray for the shooter, he is a man who is seriously needing Christ. It is easy to be angry with him and he deserves whatever punishment the authorities give him, but the thing is depravity is a state that comes from Godlessness. He needs God in his life and only God can change him and renew him.

So today and over the next little while, take some time to pray for those affected and part of this tragedy.

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