Friday, 6 July 2012

VBS- Chaotic purpose

Vacation Bible School is a funny thing: its a week long of insanity in the hopes that you can turn and point some kids towards Christ.

Someone recently asked me why as a youth pastor do I get involved with VBS? I am not working with teens, I am working with kids up to my ministry's age group:

These are a few of the reasons I believe I should do it as a youth worker:

1. Anything to further the cause of Christ is worth my time.
- While there are many opportunities to share the love of God that I have to turn down, this is an easy one where I have little prep and I can make a big difference in a lot of lives.

2. It gives a good example of devotion to the cause and volunteering for my students.
- Students don't want to be just kicked out the door and hear about how serving the church makes a difference. They want to see it tangibly, and this is a way I can show them that I value it in my own life.

3. Its a great time to hang out with my students and work alongside them.
- Some of the greatest bonding experiences I have had with students are during periods of work. It puts you on a level playing field with students and helps to foster a great relationship.

4. Its good for my students to see I don't have to be in the spotlight.
-Youth workers are often in the spotlight, and we often enjoy it. By just helping out and not being in a "show" role, we show that ministry and life is about a team not about ourselves.

5. This is a great opportunity for me to meet kids who will be coming into our ministry
- Many churches rarely have age groups mix. I often don't get to meet kids who are not yet in grades 8 and up. By helping out with VBS kids who will be moving into my ministry in a year or two get to see my face and become familiar with me. While I likely won't remember them all, I will be a friendly face who they can connect with to help their transition.

So if you have time this year and its not to late at your church get involved. See where you can help out; you don't have to run the show; just enjoy the ride.

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